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We are a teeny little family company based on the Gold Coast with very cool bespoke rentals for your celebrations.

We are the proud owners of Henry the HVan who will soon begin taking bookings for events - you can follow his story on Facebook. 

We do baby showers and birthday parties and bridal showers and lots and lots of weddings which we love!

We have a bunch of gorgeous stuff at our atelier (that's what I call the  workshop and yes, I am a tosser for doing so) but honestly our stuff is so adorable, from a groovy old pulpit (we call him George) to Doris the Dancefloor, to weird old lanterns (with fairy lights). 

Come over any Tuesday and have a coffee (and cake if John's been baking) and take a look around.

Our goal is to provide everything you need for your perfect celebration and still leave you money for catering and most importantly Tequila (or whatever).